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Track of the week: Paolo Nutini – ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up)’

February 10, 2014

Scottish singer songwriter Paolo Nutini has returned with his first studio material since his second album Sunny Side Up, which was released in 2009. His new track ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up)’ is the first to be aired from his upcoming album Caustic Love which is expected in April this year. The track received its first airplay on Zane Lowe’s evening show on BBC Radio 1 in January. In the interview Lowe touched upon the subject of Nutini’s rather lengthy absence from the music scene. Paolo described how he had decided to take some time out for himself after the success of his first two albums, whilst still carrying around a notepad and pen in case he was struck by lyrical inspiration at any given moment. Regardless of the break, fans are well and truly happy to have some new material from the singer and ‘Scream’ has been greeted with a warm response by fans.

Paolo joined Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 for the first airplay of ‘Scream’

A change in sound

In case you haven’t managed to have a listen to Paolo’s new track, here it is below.

‘Scream’ does appear to have taken Nutini’s music in a rather new direction and perhaps this is a glimpse of what we can expect from his third album. These Streets (2006) gave us tracks including Last Request’ and arguably one of the happiest songs that the music industry has heard over the past decade ‘New Shoes’. Honestly, that track cannot fail to put me in a good mood. Then three years later, in 2009, came the release of Sunny Side Up with the wonderful ‘Pencil Full Of Lead’ and ‘Coming Up Easy’. The two albums were perfect for morning music, evening music, chill out music whilst studying and well…just about anything really. The tracks are so relaxed and uplifting that they cannot fail to get your toes tapping. ‘Scream’ appears to have maintained that easy-listening element whilst adding a more intense and heavier produced sound. When listening to Paolo’s albums, you can hear the broad variety of instruments that he uses in his tracks whilst still remaining to keep an aspect of simplicity and the feeling of effortlessness to them. ‘Scream’ continues to use the same sort of instruments and his vocals are kept as natural as ever, complemented by a happy background choir to match, yet the song sounds louder and more dramatic than his previous offerings; this shows a development in his style during his five year break. The song will fit in well alongside the current sound of the pop charts whilst still managing to stand out from the crowd. I have never been a big fan of change and I do love the relaxed feel of his first two albums, but I think that this slight change in sound will be one that all Paolo Nutini fans are going to like in his new album.

‘Scream’ will be released on March 30th whilst the new album ‘Caustic Love’ is out on the 14th April. Find out more on his website.

My Rating: 4/5

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